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Whirlpool and Hydrotherapy baths in Ireland


Hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment of disease. The use of water for therapy has been around for hundreds of years, as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans, and forms an integral part in many traditional medicine systems.

How Does Hydrotherapy Work? 
The healing properties of hydrotherapy are based on its mechanical and/or thermal effects.
It makes use of the body’s reaction to hot and cold stimuli, to the protracted application of heat, to the pressure exerted by the water, and to the sensation of the water itself.

Nerves carry what is felt by the skin deeper into the body, where it is then vital in stimulating the immune system, influencing the production of stress hormones, improving circulation and digestion, encouraging the flow of blood, and lessening the body’s sensitivity to pain.
Generally speaking, heat is used to quiet and soothe the body, and to slow down the activity of internal organs. Cold is used to stimulate and invigorate, increasing internal activity within the body.
If you are experiencing tense muscles or anxiety, heat is recommended in the shower or bath. For feeling tired and stressed out, it is recommended to take a warm shower or bath followed by a short cold shower to help stimulate the body and mind.
When submerged in a body of water such as a bath or a pool, there is a kind of weightlessness, as the water relieves your body of much of the effects of gravity.
Water also has a hydro-static effect and has a massage-like feeling as the water gently kneads your body. Water, when it is moving, stimulates the touch receptors on the skin, increasing blood circulation and releasing tight muscles.

Hydrotherapy is used to treat many illnesses and conditions including acne, colds, headaches, stress, sleep disorders as well as joint, muscle and nerve problems. It is also commonly used for relaxation and to maintain a person’s state of health. Hydrotherapy is also excellent for reducing or relieving sudden or long-lasting pain.
The benefits of hydrotherapy include dramatically increasing the elimination of waste, thus assisting detoxification, loosening tense, tight muscles and encouraging relaxation.
Baths are made from high quality materials and the best high-end components. In the manufacturing process innovative technologies are used because each of Crystal Bathrooms products  will serve you for many years.
They are are specialised in sales of whirlpool, sauna, swimming pools, tubs and bath cabins since 2011.

Baths have a strong and reliable energy-efficient water pump to the water massage, ie. Whirlpool as well as an air pump air massage Jacuzzi effect. The pumps are quiet so your bath will be pleasant and relaxing.
The tub is on the so-called metal frame. Truss with supports and legs is strong and rigid, on such rigid base you can easily move the bath even with the water in the bathtub. Using such a strong truss Bath never cracks under the weight of water, and people taking a bath.
Acrylic bathtubs applied to non-yellowing, does not lose its color even after 5 years of use bath. Scratch resistant acrylic UV resistant.
Browsing the Internet forums a lot of users discuss old hot tubs complaining about the unpleasant smell of such baths, poor disinfection, etc.
This is due to the lack of application of adequate drainage in the bathtub and a corresponding device for disinfection. In our bathtub it has been applied so far the best and most effective system for cleaning and disinfecting the tub while bathing.
When using ” OZONE generators ” with a capacity of 200g / h ozone disinfection in a bath does not have the opportunity to develop bacteria and other contaminants in the bathtub drain. With this feature, the water in the tub will always be clean and cleared devoid of any bacteria and odors.
Water jets (water and air) mounted in the bath are of different diameters small jets to not hurting us in body massage and a large jets with adjustable stream angle in every direction.

Air nozzles “JACUZZI” mounted in the bottom of the tub creates the bubbles . All nozzles are spaced precisely to massage reached in any place of our body.
Aerating water massage with adjustable power massage .

This function allows us to use water massage as well as a combination of water massage with air ” Champagne Massage” using this function massage is very pleasant and efficient.

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