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Upcycling, upcycling and more upcycling!


From furniture to shipping containers, upcycling is such a buzz word at the moment.

Before you throw out that old set of bookshelves or the pallet that your washing machine arrived on, or an old dining room table that won’t fit in your modern home. Ask yourself the questions below!

*Could I find another use for this item? No, you probably can’t repurpose your old toaster so it will need to be recycled, but you might be able to find a new use for the wine rack you were about to throw out- all you need is a little bit of inspiration.

*Can I repair it? Sometimes an object can easily be fixed or you can find a new use for it, other times you won’t have the expertise so it’s time to recycle.

*Will it take more time and energy to fix than to replace? This is the 64 million dollar question. Many people get very excited when they see an old chair or a broken table; they know exactly how to breathe new life into it but they quickly grow frustrated at the sheer amount of time and effort involved in this difficult DIY project. Be kind to yourself, only fix things if you really have the time and energy to do so.