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Unlock a new level of efficiency for your new build’s home heating system


Building a new home is a process which involves many important decisions, from selecting the site location and property design, right through to internal trimmings and finishes. Featuring high on the priority list for many self-builders is finding a highly-efficient and effective heating system that will ensure their home is as efficient as possible all year round.

Helping to ease this process for self-builders, leading heating technology manufacturer Grant has launched its Multiple Package Solutions offering which champions a straightforward approach to identifying a property’s full heating requirements with just three easy steps. Taking advantage of Grant’s expanding product range and free design service, those building a new home can have their property’s main heat source, accompanying hot water cylinders and heat emitters designed, quoted and supplied all under the one roof.

A primary feature within Grant’s Multiple Package Solutions offering is the Grant Aerona3 air source heat pump range which is a popular choice for new build properties as it can help meet Part L compliance outlined in building regulations due to its environmentally-friendly operation. Relying on an entirely renewable heat source, models within the Aerona3 heat pump range effectively reduce a household’s carbon footprint and have a lower dependency on fossil fuels, making them less susceptible to rising fuel costs. Depending on the climate conditions and demand on the heating system at the time, the output of an Aerona3 heat pump will modulate up or down, giving homeowners the peace of mind that they are being as energy efficient as possible throughout every season.

For those looking to future-proof their home further, Grant recently introduced an A+++ 13kW R32 heat pump into the Aerona3 range. The model features R32 refrigerant which has a lower global warming potential than other typical heat pump refrigerants and meets legislative targets outlined in the 2014 EU Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Regulations. An exciting development for those building a new home, all models within the Aerona3 range will feature R32 refrigerant in the coming months.

Following the selection of hot water cylinders, Grant can complete a property’s full heating requirements with its extensive heat emitter offering which includes Solo fan convector radiators, Grant Afinia aluminium radiators and underfloor heating, all of which can be easily integrated into any heating system. Available in three models, the Grant Solo fan convector radiators deliver faster rates of convection than traditional radiators and provide a boost of warmth to areas of the home that may be harder to heat, such as larger rooms with high ceilings. With a versatile and compact design, the Grant Afinia aluminium radiators are available from 6-20 panels as either vertical or standard radiators, ensuring that they are suitable for any application.

Grant’s full range of heating solutions is available from leading plumbing and heating merchants throughout Ireland. For more information visit www.grant.eu


Find your energy efficient heating system

  1. Send your planning drawings to heatpump@grantengineering.ie
  2. A member of the Grant team will be in touch with you to discuss requirements
  3. You will receive full property specifications with recommended products all available from Grant


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