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Triton Showers Environmental Commitment


Triton cares for the environment. Every year we make choices that not only ensure strict compliance with environmental legislation but also aim to develop advanced technological solutions that make our products even more Eco-compatible.

Products such as the Eden EcoDove Eco and T80Z Eco ensure we are helping you to help the environment when using our products.

Triton also ensures that it minimises its office and factory’s impact on the environment with 80% of the sites waste recycled, from plastic, cardboard and brass in the factory, to paper, magazines and plastic cups throughout the office, via the numerous recycling areas.

We are committed to water efficiency

In addition to our range of Eco Showers, Triton is proud to be a fully supporting, registered member of the Bathroom Manufacturer Association’s (BMA) Water Label Scheme, promoting water efficient bathroom products. This means that when you purchase a Triton shower displaying the scheme label (see below) you can rest assured that your shower is both effective and water efficiency compliant.

The scheme aims to make it easy for installers and consumers to identify which products will save water, money and energy when installed and used correctly.

The scheme provides a recognisable, consistent measurement of water efficiency of bathroom products, allowing for an easy comparison of the water efficiency of similar products for the consumer or installer when choosing a shower.

As regards our future environmental objectives, Triton will:

Make every effort to use environmentally safe and sustainable resources and, where possible, manufacture products from materials which are capable of being recycled.

Minimise the creation of waste and dispose of all wastes through safe and reasonable methods, which are in compliance with all relevant legislation and will control the discharges of effluent to sewers and ground water, as required by regulation, through consents and control.

Remain committed to the prevention of pollution.

Educate, train and motivate all its employees so that they can conduct their activities in an environmentally safe manner, are made aware of the impact on the environment of their actions and are fully conscious of the company’s environmental policy.

Operate within the constraints of a recognised environmental management system and set targets on solids, liquids, gaseous emissions, waste generation and formulate plans and objectives to achieve them.

Endeavor to eliminate leaded fuel, ensure that fuel efficient vehicles are predominantly considered and utilise efficient transport systems for goods, as it recognises the importance of an environmentally sound transport system.

Ensure that an environmental review of its activities is carried out annually.

Review its key suppliers and contractors and record the results on the register of approved suppliers and contractors.

Foster openness and dialogue with its employees and other interested parties in respect of the concerns, hazards and the impact of its operation, make publicly available its environmental policy with objectives by posting a copy on notice boards throughout the business, sending copies to our suppliers, contractors and to our customers, when acknowledging orders in response to a request.

Make a commitment to continual improvement of its products, processes, services and environmental effects and provide them in a manner which protects human health and the environment.

Review its environmental objectives and targets against known environmental effects.

Review its energy and water usage and, where necessary, invest in water conservation and improved energy efficiency.

Source: Triton