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The AirVisual Node hits the market


Air quality is a hot topic, not just due to the climate change and pollution but also because of the way we build and furnish our homes.

We are increasingly relying on products that emit high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds such as wood laminates, chipboard, insulation, wood finishes and solvents.

This combined with inadequate ventilation, the result is likely to be low productivity and poor health.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is not as easily detectable as dust or mould. Even though it is a good to open to open your windows, it can often lead to discomfort. There is the added variable of outdoor air quality which may be poorer than your IAQ. Wouldn’t it be nice to see invisible threats in the air, understand where they come from and take control?

Welcome the AirVisual Node, it is a smart air quality monitor designed to medical-grade standards.

As one of the most precise consumer air quality monitors on the market, the Node displays real-time particulate matter (PM2.5) and C02 levels as well as temperature and humidity on a 5in/12.7cm LED screen.

Outdoor air quality data from local official sensors is also displayed in addition to a three-day quality forecast, allowing you to plan upcoming activities.

This device is available to buy from www.wattfootprint.com and it is priced at €249.