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Simple household Tips!


Around this time every year, the majority of people begin to declutter their house in advance of Christmas. If this is something that stresses you out, see below for some quirky times as to how you can maximise the potential of your house as well as decluttering as you go and other tips.

Simplify socialising and be ready for both big family dinners and spontaneous guests. Hang chairs on the wall next to your dining area (using  ‘chair hooks’). Then you can easily grab them when you need extra seating.

Simplify de-cluttering by starting early instead of a week before Santa arrives. Hang easy to keep clean storage bags on hooks with labels for stuff you want to get rid of, or things you want to store away.

Create an on/off spot for socialising with a mix of
lightweight, stackable and easy-to-move furniture that you can quickly get out when you need extra seating. That space you free up when they’re not in use will give your home an airy, less cluttered feel.

Welcome your guests in style with smart storage that makes the most of your wall space. This shelf is small enough to use in ‘deadspaces’ and can be added to by clicking in extra brackets. Add a bathroom towel stand, pimp it with a lighting chain and boom! — your hall is super cosy as well as being tidy.