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Selecting the right wall decor for your Home


Wall decor is a very personal thing. In times gone by, people would have saved up to invest in pieces of art which would have cost a few hundred Euro and it would remain a permanent fixture in the house.

Fast forward to now and whilst art connoisseurs still exist, these days there is a much more relaxed approach to decorating the walls of our houses and it is a lot friendlier on our pockets!

Digital illustrations and photography are proving to be quite popular. On the high street, you could create a gallery wall with varying prints for less than €50 or by visiting Ikea and picking up some quirky prints in-store!

If you are trying to decide on what you want to display on the walls of your home, please read below for some hints when it comes to selecting the right wall decor for you.

*Go beyond the wall: When you’ve chosen the prints that you love, decided on what goes together and what’s more impactful on its own, it’s time to get them up on the walls. Hanging your frames with the spirit level in hand  isn’t the only way to do things. If you’d don’t want to drill holes into the wall, prints can look really effective when merely rested against it, on a table.

*Try not to mix and match: There are no set rules, but if you have an appreciation for all different styles, you should at least zone them accordingly.  Size wise, allow your key piece to be the biggest. Make sure to leave a little bit of breathing space for the wall and so that it’s not an overwhelming visual for you either.

*Colour: If you just moved in and you have the opportunity to start anew, working with a blank canvas, the world is your oyster. If, on the other hand, you are working with what you’ve already got, you’ll need to be mindful of other dominant colours in the room.

*Space: Spend time thinking about where the prints will look best and whether or not the space in which you have selected will be taken over by the print (s) or not.