Home News Safety advice to stay indoors as Red Alert continues

Safety advice to stay indoors as Red Alert continues


The public safety notice for people around the country to stay indoors has been withdrawn this morning as blizzard conditions associated with Storm Emma have now passed.

A Status Red alert will remain in place in Leinster, Munster and Galway until 6pm today, and the National Emergency Coordination Group has warned that conditions will remain “difficult.”

The remainder of the country has a Status Orange in place with heavy snow showers and icy conditions expected.

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy has urged people to exercise caution however, due to ongoing difficult conditions, and the overall advice remains to avoid unnecessary travel. A number of people were stuck in their cars overnight.

The red warning will remain in place for snow and ice with strong easterly winds for Munster Leinster and Galway.

“The blizzard conditions have passed but there is still heavy snow and strong winds, but it’s not in the blizzard-style conditions that we had last night so we have withdrawn the advice that people need to shelter indoors,” saidĀ  Sean Hogan of the NationalĀ  Emergency Co-ordination Group Ireland.

“That was based on public safety but people still need to keep off the roads this morning. The only people on the roads today should be the transport and infrastructure people and the council who are out gritting the roads,” added Mr Hogan.

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