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Renovating her home started her career…


Interior Designer Emily Cunnane talks to us

Interior designer Emily Cunnane bought her terraced redbrick home in 2014. She didn’t have any intention of buying a derelict home but when her home came on the market at a very reasonable price, she took on the challenge and turned what had become a storage space into a cosy home in Stoneybatter.

Ms Cunnane believes the house had been derelict for 15 years when she bought it.

The previous layout of the home was a sitting room, kitchen and bathroom downstairs with two bedrooms upstairs; she then renovated and changed the layout completely its now has an open plan living room/kitchen downstairs.

“Buying the house wasn’t a planned decision.”

Ms Cunnane also admits that in renovating her own home lead her to her career as an Interior Designer. She runs her own business entitled InSpace. InSpace are an interior design company who design and project manage everything from gyms to cafés, offices to houses whilst working with Irish artists to ensure that customers get a one off design from some of Ireland’s best talent.

Here, Emily talks us about buying her home, the renovation process and how she ended up becoming an Interior Designer as a result of working on her own home.

“Working on my own home was my very first job and it is due to doing that I ended up going down the path of Interior Design. Years ago, I always wanted to be an Architect and I didn’t go down that path. Buying the house wasn’t a planned decision or anything, the rental market was similar to what it is now and I happened to be walking by this place that was boarded up and for sale,” said Emily Cunnane.

“I made a bid on the property and my offer was accepted. As I’ve always been interested in that side of things I had really particular ideas about what I wanted to do to the house. I love houses with character and stories behind them but I also love living in the more modern way with more open plan and light.

“The main thing I wanted to do when it came to my house was to open it up and get as much light in as I could. I got a Structural Engineer to help me realise my plans of creating a contemporary space within a traditional blue print,’‘ added Ms Cunnane.

“I love my home! It’s quite contemporary and I’ve tried to make the most of the space that I have as I’m a collector so I thought living in a house would be quite difficult for me but once I figured out the nooks and crannies, I was able to work the space.

“To save space, I have washing machine and dryer outside the back door to free up room in the kitchen. The water tank is under the stairs as well as an office space on castors with storage behind it. I also had bookshelves built around the perimeter of the ceiling to keep a feeling of space on the walls,” explained Emily.

“When I bought the house, no one had lived there in 15 years and it was being used as a builders storage house so there were mattresses and other junk in there! The whole house had to be  rebuilt; the plumbing, the electrics had to be done, new windows were put in, the staircase had to be moved and that was all done straight away (after buying the house).

“I love my home.”

“The style of the house has definitely evolved since I moved in, I tend to move a lot of stuff around. The house is definitely an ongoing project. I try to design mine and other peoples houses with more of a sustainable sensibility; buying pieces of furniture and accessories that will last the test of time and be less likely to go in and out of fashion.

“My favourite space in the house is probably the kitchen because it’s a such a social space where everyone congregates and it’s pretty comfortable in there,” concluded Emily Cunnane.




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