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New year, new house?!

The words Time to Renovate on an ornate white clock, counting down to the moment you will rebuild or take on a reconstruction do it yourself project or as part of a renovation team

For anyone who is thinking about renovating their home, see below for some snippets of advice we have put together!


Is the budget you have in your head or maybe even on paper reflect the extent of the work that is going to take place throughout this renovation? Rome wasn’t built in a day, so if you can’t afford to do a lot of work all at once why not think about doing the renovation work in various stages? It is important to figure out what you really need in your house and what is going to be there for the sake of having it there!


Hiring an Architect will actually save you money! Architects will provide you a range of choices as well as discussing the most economic and appropriate design for the house as well as meeting your needs with the proposal.

Meet with your neighbours

In advance of submitting a planning application, meet with your neighbours and talk them through what you have proposed for your house. If possible, have your Architect with you as they will be able to answer questions that your neighbours may have.


Research the local area and view planning applications for neighbouring properties so as you will have a better idea of what has got the green light in your area or what has been refused.

Hello darkness my old friend…

When you are faced with a north facing dull room, paint the walls navy whilst adding some colourful accessories and mood lighting. What once was a dull room, it now a haven for a meditation space or a den.

Decorating your bathroom space

The bathroom is the space where we tend to spend the least amount of time in our house. In saying that, it is also the space where we can really express ourselves through endless creativity. Why not select a rather bright colour for this space (ie hot pink or yellow), or select a patterned floor tile or some coloured grout.

Bespoke is the way to go

Instead of going and buying furniture and units directly out of a furniture shop or IKEA, if your budget will allow why don’t you consider going down the bespoke joinery route?

Think high!

If you have lower ceiling heights, select kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and shelving units that are full height. In doing this, your eye line will be drawn upwards and it will give you a greater feeling of space and height.

Picking the correct interior style

For the main bedroom in your home, go for a plush look. For example, think of a lovely hotel you have stayed in recently or that you might have seen online and try to recreate that style in your bedroom. The plush look can also be achieved without spending a fortune.

When it comes to correcting the interior style for your dining room, why not focus your attention on some of your favourite restaurants and cafés for inspiration as you will find that these spaces are a great source of inspiration for how to style this space.

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