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More women need to work in the Construction Industry


A recent study by the Construction Industry Federation has shown that the construction industry needs an additional 112,000 employees to deliver housing and infrastructure that the Irish economy and society requires.

A number of months ago, the Construction Industry Federation  welcomed more than 100 senior leaders to a briefing entitled ‘Increasing Female Participation in Construction’ to mark International Women’s Day.

The very clear message from this event was that the CIF should expand its leadership role in promoting gender equality within the construction industry.

“Increasing the number of women in construction is a key objective of the CIF from this point on,” said President of the Construction Industry Federation, Dominic Doheny.

“This network will focus on removing barriers to women building careers in construction. It won’t be easy but with the group of industry leaders we have gathered around this issue and the commitment of the CIF, we will make a difference,” added Mr Doheny.

“The construction industry requires up to 112,000 additional workers up to 2020 so we need to make our industry more attractive to young people,” enthused Director General of the Construction Industry Federation, Tom Parlon.

“They, and their parents, need to feel comfortable that there are sustainable careers in construction before they will commit to our industry. So firstly, it’s important to point out that our industry is on a positive growth trajectory for the next three to five years and is expected to grow by 9% year on year,” concluded Mr Parlon.