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Killiney Project


This project involved the construction of a large new house on Church Road in Killiney. The site has uninterrupted views of the Dublin mountains, however, these views are at their best from high up, for this reason Fergus designed the house with a garage, carport and plant room on the ground floor, bedrooms on first floor and the living space and master suite on the top floor to take advantage of the view with large sliding screens open up to external terrace areas.

The upper terrace has a glass covered roof so that it can be enjoyed in any weather. The house is finished to a very high standard throughout, with feature ceilings and lighting, and high tech heating and ventilation systems. “I heavily invest in the latest technology and we use drones so when we began working on this property we set our drone up and having seen the views, we convinced the client that they needed to live amongst the view,” said Fergus Flanagan.

“The client has their bedroom upstairs and they live amongst the amazing view. The big thing with me is that after working abroad for a number of years when I got back to Ireland I really noticed the rain and I couldn’t believe that Irish Architects designed houses that when it rains you stay in! “The big thing with our work is that we use covered terraces so that you are able to sit outside as well as being able to open up the big glass doors, these things (covered terraces) are the big drivers behind the design of the house. Even though you are living on the top floor of the house, you are able to enjoy the weather no matter what it is doing as well as being able to appreciate the views from the property,” enthused Mr Flanagan.

“With this house we were also able to use the stairwells as light tunnels to diffuse the light right through the centre of the house. All of the main rooms in this property are orientated towards the view and even on the first floor the views are amazing. “On the ground floor there is the garage, car port, a utility room and a boot room and then as you move up to the first floor you have the guest rooms, living spaces and a chill out room and then on the top floor you have the master bedroom,” he added. “During the build, the only problem we encountered was masses of rock. We knew there was rock there but we didn’t realise how much of it there was and we had to bring up a guy from Kerry and he had to pour liquid into cracks and break open the rock. “The building is actually clad in the rock that we had to break and whilst there was a cost in bringing the guy on site to do this, there was also a saving as well!

“The house is very spacious and the attention to detail is amazing,” imparted Fergus.
“I really enjoyed working on this project. In some respects, we choose our clients very carefully because we spend two to three years with the client. There is a lot of trust, it’s a long journey from beginning to end and the it’s important that you like the client and that the client likes you,” stated Fergus Flanagan.