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Interior Inspiration….


Too many living rooms end up with traditional dance hall arrangements- meaning all of the furniture is along the walls.

In doing this, it puts needless distance between people in a room made for conversation and human interaction. To rectify this, simply move the furniture closer together towards the centre of the room and use occasional tables to fill out the spaces around it to make the room a lot more friendly and intimate.

Another mistake people make is, choosing the paint colour for their walls without thinking about their furniture. Put in the furniture first and then add accessories such as throws and cushions in your favourite colours. Once you have done this, then you can start thinking about a paint colour that will suit your room.

The final tip of the day is to liven up your walls by using the 50:150 trick. Blank walls are a bit cold and clinical so to change this simply use the 50:150 rule of taking the base colour paint and mix it so that you have got two shades, one which is twice as nice as the other. This will result in subtly striped walls which will instantly give the room a boost!