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Daniel Woodsmith

Another way to improve your space at home

In this special page, we would like to present you a new Irish Designer every issue. Interior design is an art, it is a choice that can give us our corner of comfort, the joy of returning home and feeling truly our own even if rented.

Inspired by Instagram we selected a few di e- rent artists who who we think have great skills and ideas. We do not want to steal the work of interior design, but only to show you how simple changes can enrich and give you the feeling of being at home.

Ireland is becoming a nation of tenants, and for this new reality the idea of embellishing the walls of your home to make them more personal is one of the purposes of this article.

Interior design is the art of designing and organizing the interior spaces of a home and the objects of common use within an enclosed spa- ce, be it a private home, a business, a receptive space, an environment of work.

Daniel Woodsmith

He makes a variety of tableware using both stoneware clay and more recently, local clay from the Dublin mountains. Each piece is hand thrown in my studio in Shankill and glazed using a variety of bought glazes and again, more recently, his own glaze recipes.

A chef by trade, Daniel began throwing pots in 2017. Using mostly stoneware clay, he has recently started experimenting with local clay he sources and processes from the Dublin Mountains. Working from his shed in Shankill, Co. Dublin Daniel creates functional, rustic pieces that play with the way the glazes react to the rough quality of the clay he uses.



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