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Another way to improve your space at home

Sometimes, we need little things to make ourselves feel at home and these little things are objects that reflect our style, our personality and our history. Interior design is an art, it is a choice that can give us our corner of comfort, the joy of returning home and feeling truly our own even if rented.

If before Pinterest was a beautiful way to find inspiration, now Instagram has become a beautiful window on the world, where you can search and find ideas and find contacts for our future purchases.

Vases, paintings, blankets, dishes and glasses, tables, chairs and every object that can say this is my home. Interior design is the art of designing and organizing the interior spaces of a home and the objects of common use within an enclosed space, be it a private home, a business, a receptive space, an environment of work.

Commonly associated with the interior designer is a figure more similar to an interior designer, but in reality the designer pays special attention to the practical and functional aspects of living the home.

We do not want to steal the work of interior design, but only to show you how simple changes can enrich and give you the feeling of being at home.

As one of the last news we have published, Ireland is becoming a nation of tenants, and for this new reality the idea of ​​embellishing the walls of your home to make them more personal is one of the purposes of this article. We will present you the opportunity to meet Irish artists who create unique works that can help you call home a space for rent.

Rebecca Killen

Rebecca Killen Ceramics is an award winning home ware brand founded by designer – maker Rebecca Killen. Established in 2014, we provide unique, handmade bone china products for the home, each lovingly made in Ireland.

Rebecca Killen, a graduate of Belfast School of Art, is a ceramic designer-maker living and working in County Down, N. Ireland. With a love of curating collections of complementary objects, Rebecca aims to create ceramic products that can evoke memories, a sense of nostalgia or serve as decorative pieces in the home to be used and treasured for years to come. Our  bottles, dishes and vessels are made in small batches using the slip casting technique. Currently Rebecca is experimenting with surface texture and layers of colour on her pieces, this initial exploration has inspired the new Bay Collection




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