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Incorporating fish, views and mountains in Wexford


Joining forces to create a gorgeous project

Recently Eric Stilwell, Luke Kuchta & Michael O’Brien of Joe Fallon Architectural Design in Wexford undertook a rather interesting project which involved the incorporation of an existing single-storey side extension with large expanses of glazing but that did not sit well alongside the existing house.

The roof was changed and a new indoor/outdoor entertainment area was created surrounding it. A large terrace was created partially underneath a flat-roof canopy and cantilevered over a fish pond to take in the views of the spectacular landscaped garden and the mountains beyond.

As part of the Joe Fallon Design team, Mr Stilwell brings to life various designs using drafting and 3D modelling software. He employs his design flair, technical ability and renewable energy expertise in realising sustainable buildings that are not only suitable for the client, but for the surrounding environment as well.

Mr Kuchta specialises in the design and the implementation  of modern functional extensions with emphasis on marrying high quality design and comfortable and sustainable living. He also does 3D visualisations and producing presentations for clients.

Mr O’Brien  is an Architectural Technologist with Joe Fallon Architectural Design who have offices in both County Dublin and County Wexford.

Mr O’Brien graduated from Waterford Institute of Technology with a 1.1 BSc (Hons) in Architectural Technology, with experience in a variety of projects, including renovations and new build projects in both residential and commercial sectors.  He has an experience in both domestic and large-scale housing developments, as well as landscape design.

“The client approached us a few years ago as she had an existing extension already but she wanted to rebuild the extension although she had already installed large glass panels at the front and back so we had an existing structure to work around,’’ explained Eric Stilwell.

“We had a bit of a competition in the office between a few of us to see who could put forward ideas for this project and then the client selected a collection of various ideas that were put forward so Luke, Michael and I had input on this project.

“Working with two of my colleagues on this project was a bit different to working on something by myself. It was a bit challenging as well at times,’’ added Mr Stilwell.

“The project went smoothly enough. We did a couple of site visits up to the house as the clients had a few questions for us along the way but really the project did go well. The biggest challenge for the project was some of the engineering work primarily because of the open area and the cantilever of the extension but really from a construction point of view it was quite straight forward,’’ he explained.

“It was a lovely job to work on and it was different because it is not often that someone would put so much effort in to an outdoor space as usually it is just an after thought so it was nice to actually think of it as an indoor/ outdoor space and something  usually more suited to a different climate.

“We have been up there in the summer and it is really lovely. It’s a really nice house and it’s  lovely especially in the sunshine. The client loves the house and she think it is fantastic. She was quite invested throughout the process and she was quite hands on as well as taking control over a lot of the design aspect of things so the house is definitely what she was expecting but it did satisfy the brief we were given.


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