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Housing Minister proposing housing Changes


Proposals to increase apartment block sizes, scrap the requirement for car park spaces in new units and to boost the building of affordable homes will be signaled by Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy on Friday, 6th October.

It is expected that he will signal the need for special legislation, a public consultation, and a possible independent pricing of apartment block costs.

In tomorrow’s address , Minister Murphy is expected to outline how the Government will plan for allowing the building of higher apartment blocks in urban areas, as previously backed by Leo Varadkar.

The measures are all part of the need to make building more affordable for developers, who claim the costs are too expensive. This is despite fears of a property bubble and property costs now exceeding what young average buyers can afford.

Mr Murphy’s announcement is set to reference the need to change the planning rules in cities to allow for higher apartment blocks.

A requirement that new blocks have at least one car par space for each apartment is also set to be dropped.

Construction Industry Federation boss Tom Parlon recently claimed car park spaces cost between €50,000 and €100,000 each to build for apartment blocks.