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Housing Agency chairman standing over his Claims


Housing Agency chairman Conor Skehan has mounted a robust defence of his comments on homeless people ‘gaming the system,’ in recent days.

In recent weeks, Mr Skehan garnered widespread criticism by suggesting people may be unnecessarily declaring themselves as homeless, in order to secure a council home.

Late last week Mr Skehan said “I deal in facts and not views and had been informed through social media and contacts with a councillor that people were attempting to declare as homeless.

“I have been extremely careful to say this may be happening and should be investigated. I am saying this for the 85,000 people on our housing waiting list who may find themselves having a queue jumped.

The Housing Agency’s remit is all of housing, to make sure everybody in need of social housing is treated fairly.

“I have literally nothing to lose. I’m here to make those statements so the majority of people entitled to social housing are dealt with equitably and fairly,” concluded Conor Skehan.

He has also stood over agency projections that 25,000 new homes are needed every year and not up to 50,000 as some agency projections have said.

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