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Building a new home or retro fitting? Then look no further than Grant

or many households throughout Ireland, having a reliable and efficient heating system that can deliver effective home heating all year round is a top priority. Whether building a new home or retro fitting, homeowners selecting their home heating system have several elements to consider including what their main heat source will be – such as an air source heat pump – and what type of heat emitter is the most viable option for their home whether that be traditional radiators, con- vector radiators or under floor heating.

Whilst piecing together the different aspects of their heating system, homeowners need to ensure that all elements work cohesively with one another to deliver optimum home heating that champions efficiency, reliability and overall value for money. Helping ease this process for homeowners, leading manufacturer of heating technologies Grant offers a full heating solution service thanks to its extensive product portfolio.

Grant’s Technical Team also offers its customers free of charge heat loss calculations based on specific project plans. From the- se, the team can outline full product specifications required from the heat source – a Grant Aerona3 air source heat pump for example – and accompanying hot water cylinder, right through to the heat emitters which could include a set of Grant A na aluminium radiators, Grant Solo fan convector radiators, or the integration of under floor heating.

Helping those who are building a new home achieve the Part L requirements as outlined in building regulations, Grant’s range of Aerona3 air source heat pumps are an excellent choice and are available in outputs of 6kW, 10kW, 12kW and 16kW, meaning the homeowners can accurately match the output to their heat requirements to ensure more cost-effective home heating. Leading the way in more efficient and environmentally-friendly heating technologies, Grant most recently launched the Aerona3 12kW R32 model, featuring R32 refrigerant which boasts a significantly lower Global Warming Potential than other typical refrigerants used in heat pumps and meets upcoming legislative targets outlined in the 2014 EU Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Regulations. This latest development from Grant is an exciting step in helping homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint whilst providing cleaner operation and excellent performance and will see all models within the Aerona3 range switching to R32 refrigerant in the coming months.

Grant’s VortexAir Hybrid is another great option for homeowners wishing to meet Part L compliance as it not only helps achie- ve renewable obligations but can also provide them with the best of both worlds thanks to its unique combination of Grant’s patented award-winning condensing oil technology with the green bene fits of an Aerona3 air source heat pump. The VortexAir Hybrid has been designed to maximise overall system efficiency with the use of an advanced controls system which automatically monitors the system temperatures meaning the unit will seamlessly switch to the most effective heating mode, whether that be heat pump, oil, or a combination of both.

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