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Grant extends its portfolio of heating products

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Ireland’s leading manufacturer of innovative heating technologies Grant has extended its product portfolio with the launch of the Grant Solo fan convector radiator and Grant Afinia aluminium radiator ranges.
Comprising of three models including the wall-mounted Solo Compact, Solo CompactMAX and space saving plinth heater, the Solo Hideaway, the Grant Solo fan convector radiator range is an excellent choice for those wishing to provide their existing heating system with a boost.

This technology is particularly useful for homeowners with areas in their home that prove harder to heat including larger rooms with high ceilings. The entire range has been designed to complement low temperature heating systems including air source heat pumps such as the Grant Aerona3.
The Grant Solo range packages highly efficient heating in a stylish and compact design that integrates easily into the look and feel of any home. Each model within the range incorporates intelligent technology designed to deliver faster rates of convection compared to conventional radiators.

Requiring no warm up time and delivering the exact amount of heat when and where needed, these fan convector radiators operate for shorter periods of time and subsequently consume less energy.
Whilst designed to deliver fast and effective heating, the surface temperature of the Grant Solo fan convector radiators never reaches dangerous levels regardless of the water temperature, making the units safer and a popular choice for homes with young children or the elderly.

The range also gives homeowners the ability to control the exact temperature of each unit as they do not require wall thermostats or thermostatic radiator valves.

Instead, each unit regulates its own heat output, facilitating zoned heating. Such features can help homeowners to save money in the long run as it means the radiators can be turned off when rooms are not in use.
Adding to its popularity, the Grant Solo fan convector radiator range has been designed with home aesthetics in mind thanks to its compact design and overall slim profile. Each model is comparatively small in size for its output and is ideal for situations where space is at a premium.

The Solo Hideaway plinth version is a great choice for kitchen and bedrooms as it does not require any wall space and be easily positioned under workspace units.
Meanwhile, units within the Grant Afinia range are suited for both low and high temperature heating systems, making them an excellent pairing for either the highly efficient Grant Aerona3 air source heat pumps or award-winning Grant Vortex condensing oil boilers. Featuring curved surfaces and a brilliant white powder coated finish, the Grant Afinia aluminium radiators are available from 6-15 panels as either standard or vertical radiators, ensuring that they can fit any application. Each model also has a slim and compact design and comes with a 15-year warranty.
Heating homes throughout Ireland for over forty years, Grant is a name you can trust for outstanding performance and reliability.
For further information on Grant’s innovative range of heating solutions visit grant.eu or call the team on 057 9126 971.