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Fraction of land being used to build Social Housing


New analysis shows local authorities are using just a fraction of the land they own to build social housing.

A housing policy analyst and architect, has estimated that local authorities across the country own more than 1,200 hectares of land with the potential for almost 38,000 homes.

These sites are already serviced and zoned for residential housing.

However, figures show that since the beginning of 2016, local authorities have built only 430 properties.

A further 669 have been constructed by independent housing associations. This equates to less than 3% of the potential total.

Thirteen local authorities have not directly built any new homes since the beginning of 2016.

In Dublin city, where there are more than 22,000 people on the housing list, the local authority has directly built 56 homes in the same time period.

It is estimated that the council owns enough land to support more than 12,000 properties.

Earlier this week, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar promised 7,000 new social homes nationally in 2018.

A spokesperson for Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy said direct builds by local authorities is just one method of delivering social housing.