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Energy Glass is being pioneered by Wexford Viking Glass


Energy Glass is the latest innovative product which Wexford Viking Glass is pleased to be pioneering.

This is a revolutionary advancement in glazing technology as it allows the consumer to replace their old inefficient pane of glass without the need to change their existing frames.

This product has an advanced coating system which not only reflects heat back into your home but also captures free energy from natural daylight to help heat your home, this can dramatically reduce the consumers heating bills.

It is also very effective in virtually eliminating internal condensation, draughts and cold spots in and around the windows.

Wexford Viking Glass’ professional installers are well equipped to complete this upgrade in one day with no hassle involved allowing for no redecorating cost when completed.

The system is available to upgrade any specifications including single glazing to double glazing or upgrading your existing double or triple glazed units to this unique energy efficiency glass. Contact Wexford Viking Glass today to see how you can benefit from this groundbreaking technology or visit www.upgradeyourglass.ie