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De Dietrich Pure White Collection


De Dietrich has reinvented white, honouring the colour to the very fullest extent. Synonymous with elegance and purity, this collection reflects an unparalleled expertise and perfect command of materials evoking wonderful emotions.

Built-in Multifunction Oven with Pyrolytic 73 Litre Pure White DX1 Display – RRP €1,099 /£949

The Pure White Multifunction Oven with Pyrolytic –Self Clean (RRP €1,099/ £949) combines innovation and cutting-edge technology with an elegant appearance to give your kitchen a feeling of exclusivity. The top and bottom heating elements combine with the circular heating element and fan, providing perfect heat distribution to ensure a homogeneous cooking as well as energy savings functions.

Featuring a low temperature cooking option, this gentle, even and consistent method of cooking at temperatures lower than 100°C is perfect for delivering particularly tender and flavoursome meat. This Multifunction oven boasts 15 Culinary Guide Recipes and 11 cooking functions. With an oven capacity of 73 litres, this spacious cavity makes it easier to prepare large or wide dishes.

Built In 45cm Combi Oven Microwave 40 Litre Pure White RRP €999/£969

The Combi Oven Microwave (RRP €999/ £969 ) is the perfect solution for homes with smaller kitchens. When time is of the essence in creating, making or adjusting your recipes, there’s nothing quite like the Multifunction Combined Microwave. It defrosts in record time, reheats, roasts and can cook two large dishes at once thanks to the Fan-Assist function – all whilst preserving the taste and nutritional value of your creations. Combining a folding grill with four different power settings and fan cooking, this microwave offers 14 pre-programmed dishes for an automatic cooking process.

The Pure White Collection features Twist, Cook, Click Technology that enables anyone to emulate the precision and control of a professional chef.


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