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A Rural Farm House


Turning a farmhouse around

A rural farm house in County Down was designed by Micah Jones of Micah T Jones in three elements with a more formal two storey farm house block to the front, a natural slate and glass connecting space and a corrugated barrel vault roof barn to the rear.

The Connecting space is comprised of open plan kitchen living space and master suite above. These spaces look out across the landscape with views of Scrabo and beyond. The shed element to the back of the site addresses the farm yard and houses all the service spaces such as; utility space, plant room, mud room, garage and farm o ce as well as a home cinema.

“Basically the early concept of this house was a very classic farmhouse on the landscape but the client also wanted to have a much more modern living space so we came up with the three elements,’’ said Micah Jones.

“This modern farmhouse is a replacement dwelling with some of the old farmhouse textures carried over. The clients lived in the old farmhouse throughout the building process enabling them to keep an eye on the progress on the site,’’ added Mr Jones.

“The frontage faces the approach and it is quite classical in terms of its approach with bedrooms on the first floor and a formal living area on the ground floor. As you come through the hall, you enter into a large open plan space which runs at an angle and that is positioned towards the views and the Mourne Mountains in the distance. The house also faces towards the west so you get some lovely evening light owing in through the big sliding glass doors.

“Above the modern living space, there is the master suite which has a balcony looking down over the living area and that links through from the front block right to the rear block where there are big walk in wardrobes so there is access from both ends. This house was very much designed for a farmer who is actively farming,’’ enthused Micah.

“The house links through to the mud room which is on the ground floor and the farm o ce. In the front part of the house there are three bedrooms and a big family bathroom.
“Work began on this project in 2015 and it took approximately 15 months to complete. The project went smoothly enough,’’ added Mr Jones.

As to Micah’s thoughts on the overall project?

“We were really pleased with how the house turned out. The client was very keen to use some different materials on the house. We are particularly pleased with the courtyard and how the different elevations to the house have worked together. The service barn at the back of the house rises up to split level and it is at a separate level to the rest of the house but it links in really well to the rest of the house. We were also able to use some really nice materials on this house such as Pyrex render which is very nice and we used galvanised steel for the guttering. We used Xtratherm full fill cavity therm insulation in 100mm and there is also a heat recovery system in the house which makes it not only a very warm house but a very efficient one.

“The house definitely lives up to the clients expectations,’’ enthused Micah Jones.