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A number of Energy Saving Tips!

Light bulb, in a hand

There are a lot of ways that you can make your home more energy efficient and comfortable.

Here are some tips for the SEAI which will help you to reduce your energy consumption and bills.

Switch off: switch stuff off and pull the plug out.

Timers & Controls: Heat it when you need it, use timers or smart heating controls to fit your routine.

Temperature: Turn the temperature down a notch. Get your settings right and save.

Light: Let the light in by maximising natural daylight in your home.

Draughts: Tackle the cold draughts around your home. By tackling the draughts, you will keep the heat where you need it.

Appliances: Get the most out of your existing appliances by using them better.

Hot Water: Don’t pour money and energy down the drain!

Energy Monitors: Find out how much energy you are using in real time and base decisions on this information.

Cooking: Cook clever and make the most of your oven, hob and kettle.

Source: SEAI