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A majestic location for a family home in Tipperary


From what was a green field site to a perfect location for a family home, yet again Joe Fallon of Joe Fallon Design pulls another majestic home out of his creative mind. “It was a completely green field site and there was nothing here before, on the site (which was on my husbands land) there was a shed and we liked the idea of keeping the old shed and building, something that is reflective of an old farmhouse,” said Marian the home-owner.

“The house is in Tipperary and I picked a number of house designs that I really liked and I found Joe (Fallon) through an internet search. I would have an interest in architecture and I would know a bit about design.
“When I got talking to Joe, I sent him on a lot of images and a lot of them had stone and interesting shapes so he came back with five different designs for the house and I really liked all of them. It was the perfect meeting of two people and I let him run with the way he likes to design,” imparted Marian.


Work commenced on the project in July 2013 and the build took exactly 12 months from start to finish. It is a timber framed construction. “The amount of light that Joe has included in the house is fantastic. It isn’t a very large house, its 168.46m2 exactly. The house has three bedrooms and it is one and a half storeys. Joe has designed the house really well and in mind with the way people live. There is no loss of space. “We have a really big kitchen and dining area with a smaller larder and a smaller back kitchen for all of the utilities and it is a really smart idea,” enthused Marian.

“As it was a self-build, my husband and I were really involved with the project. We practically built it apart from the Architect and the trades people, we sourced all of the materials. My husband, Paul also co-ordinated all of the parts (to the build). “We moved in when our youngest son was only a couple of weeks so yes it was a mental time for us (moving into the house and coping with two young children) but our build went really well compared to a lot of the stories you hear. We had no major problems. Everything went really well, at the time when small little hiccups happen you think they are massive problems but in hindsight they’re not really.

“From a personal point of view, I loved being so involved with the project as we got a huge sense of satisfaction out of doing it ourselves. Having gone through the whole process, if somebody had said to me that we had an unlimited budget, I wouldn’t have liked that because I preferred working to a budget,” Ms went on to explain. “We’re living in a really beautiful part of the country and we have a lot of wildlife around where we live including wild deer and foxes.” In terms of the layout of the house from entering the front door, you have the hall straight in front of you and to the right of the hall you enter the living room which is a rather cosy room with a mid-century style to it. There is a bathroom at the back of the hall and then to the left of the hall, you have the open plan kitchen with really high windows that look out over a rather exceptional view and the windows flood the space with light.

“We have an area in the kitchen with a bench in it and it doesn’t really occur to you when you are building but it is the space where our kids play with their toys whilst looking out at the beautiful scenery. We spend most our time in the kitchen/dining room area,” revealed Marian. “The bench was a happy accident in the kitchen!”

The bedrooms are then on the next level of the house. “In terms of insulation in the house, we went with 9 inches of insulation on the walls and there is also great insulation in the floors and ceiling. The house is an A1 energy rated building. It wasn’t mandatory to go with that amount of insulation. “We also have a heat ventilation system in the house and that works really well for us and the house always feels really fresh. There is a dryness to this house that you don’t get elsewhere. It is an extremely warm home. “With the large windows, they also flood a lot of light into the house and for the most part, I wouldn’t have the heating on during the day, I might put the heating on for an hour or two at night. Obviously when you get a cold snap, you bump the heat up,” she revealed.

“We decided to go with these really low windows and they are at feet level and the reason we went with this type of window is because I really don’t like bay windows because they make the front of the house look like the back of a house so that’s why we went with this option. “Sometimes, I will lie in bed and I’ll see right through the windows. I believe windows flood more light in if they are at a lower level. We also have a hall that is double height and there is loads of light coming from the hall for upstairs and downstairs. We’re more than happy with the house we have. The house is built to the way that we live our lives and there are no extras with this house. We’re in the house a few years and my husband is working on the landscaping at the moment. It’s an absolutely fabulous house and we love it. “Joe was fantastic and we had a great relationship with him. I was super lucky when it came to working with Joe. Joe is a great people’s person,” added Marian.