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A black beauty in Dublin


Interior Design Annmarie Bourke’s fabulous home 

When Interior Designer Annmarie Bourke was planning her fabulous home over a decade ago, an upstairs laundry room was on the list of essentials and as a life long student of houses she wasn’t leaving any stone unturned when it came to creating her perfect home which consisted of light, space, lighting, acoustics, elegant living and furnishings.

Originally from Mayo but now living in Dublin, Ms Bourke is a daughter of builder and property developer Paddy Bourke. Her two brothers are property developers and her sister owns an interior shop so interior design and creating are definitely in her blood!

Married to business consulatant Neil Mullaney and Mum to Inga, Oscar and Anya. Ms Bourke very graciously allowed this publication into her family home.

The family home has a black and white kitchen, dining and sitting area that looks very contemporary with marble flooring and lots of black and white furniture including a black dining table and chairs. Ms Bourke loves to paint old furniture and reupholster good sofas in new fabrics. 

“As an Interior Designer I found designing our home an awful lot more difficult than if I were designing it for a client. I knew how many choices I had and I wanted to use everything and obviously as a creative person I am always looking at things, I’m always inspired by what is around me, I’m never standing still and when it comes to designing your own home, it is like having writers block and it is difficult to commit 100% to a design,” explained Annmarie Bourke.

“I love our home and for me, the whole monochromatic colour scheme (downstairs) I just really like and it is something that can be tailored as you can add to it, it is a very good neutral and it is a very good base. Over the next year or so, black and white is going to be huge throughout interior design as well. 

“I’m always looking at things to do (change) around the house and it isn’t because what we have done is wrong, it is just because there are new things and trends coming out all of the time and because it is part of my work as well. My whole ethic would be to put in very good basics and have the ability to change the overall style and change things around. A good neutral basis is great to work with,” added Ms Bourke.

In terms of where she got the inspiration for her home from?
“I was inspired by a lot of travelling, living in different places, living in different houses over the years and looking at magazines. I’m not a very trend driven person and I prefer to go for the classics even though a lot of people would say that our house is quite contemporary, I would say that it is classic contemporary,” she enthused.

As to whether or not Annmarie would have any advice for anyone who is about to build or renovate their own home?
“My advice to anyone would be to spend money on good basics such as flooring, the kitchen, sanitary ware, a fireplace and other things that you can’t change that easily. You can change a room completely with accessories and so forth without changing the basics. It’s important to leave your own stamp on your house as well as remembering that everyone’s taste is not the same,” concluded Annmarie Bourke.

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